perspicacious-spirit: Write ten facts about yourself and then pass this along to ten of your favorite followers
  1. I have a scar right in the middle of my forehead that required 20 stitches. It’s in the shape of an upside down U so for a while I was nicknamed U-TURN, horseshoe, and baseball.. It also looks like Ω (omega) in greek lol. 
  2. I had a mole on the right side of my lip and when I went to korea my aunt forced me to have it removed by laser. 
  3. I am obsessed with dogs and I will gladly break someone’s car if I see a dog inside on a hot day. 
  4. I’m constantly deleting phone numbers and unfollowing ppl I find disinteresting lol. 
  5. I don’t drink or smoke or anything.
  6. Taeyang said he loved me after we hugged and took a photo. 
  7. I always have some sort of weapon available to me in my head. Like in my kitchen, I have the knife. Family room means that I have the golf club. My room has several heavy objects and knife. My car also has a knife. My purse has a knife always. Keys have pepperspray on them. I also always have an escape route lol. Paranoid xP
  8. I don’t think I can ever date anyone that takes selfies or has several social media accounts. So glad my bf isn’t one of those dudes lol
  9. I dislike ppl that rev their crappy little “modded” cars. Like literally, it’ll take one ding to total that POS, you douchelords.
  10. Ppl unfortunately enjoy making assumptions about me before meeting me ._.

There ya gooooo~ 

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Having Friends 101: Social Drinking/Drugs

There is a distinct borderline between me and between those who drink or smoke cus I do neither. I wonder about this a lot, but why is it that people can’t make friends anymore without being high or drunk? Of course I’m not saying it’s the entire population.. It’s just that there is an apparent chunk of people. Is this our society now? 

It’s like, “oh look, there’s sober jane. She’s gonna come judge us for smoking and popping and drinking. Let’s not welcome her to be our friend.”

Thanks ppl for judging me and my character before even attempting to understand where I come from. 

Okay idk where i’m going with this and I’m prob gonna delete this later lol. /endrant

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Anonymous: What are some of your favorite blogs? ^^

My favorite fashion youtubers are clothesencounters and beautycrush! My top fav bloggers on the interwebs are and I’ve been loving them for years now <3 I have a ton of bloggers that I totally lust over but I can’t think at the top of my head.. 

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Anonymous: Are the white birks worth it? How much were they and are they comfortable??

I bought the Topshop dupe of the Bikenstocks! They’re genuine leather and half the price. I bought them for $45 at Nordstrom (: I definitely think they’re worth it. Not only are they super on trend rn, but they’re SO comfortable. Of course, with any type of leather shoe there is some breaking in to do, but it’s not painful at all. Hope this helps!

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Anonymous: Hiiii Jane! So I want to cut my hair short. Something between yours and T-ara's Jiyeon's shorts hair. How would you describe the haircut? Thank you very much. ^_^

It’s just a short hair cut with almost no layers! I would bring photos of what you want to your stylist (: I literally couldn’t describe what I wanted so I just showed her a buncha photos. I made sure she knew that I wanted a blunt cut though!

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Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75.
― Benjamin Franklin (via sixthstop)

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