Anonymous: Hello Jane! I don't know if you don't like these questions, but I'm curious to know your opinion on if your boyfriend keeps in contact with his ex. I'm talking about constant contact (sometimes hiding it), bringing up how pretty she is, and how ppl were jealous of him for getting her at one pt. I brought it up before and he said he doesn't care about her. I'm thinking about breaking up with him since I feel that he doesn't even want to be with me, but I'm not sure if I'm being childish or not..

I absolute think it’s a bad idea and. My boyfriend and I don’t speak to our exes. And we especially don’t talk about them unless we ask. 

My honest opionin is that he doesn’t have his mind completely focused on you if he’s able to comfortably speak about his ex to you about how amazing she is and blah blah blah. I think you should do whatever you want, but have a honest conversation first with him. See where he stands with you emotionally and if he’s serious at all. 

Hope this helps!

Sep 18 13:30
Anonymous: Hi Jane! I just wanted to ask how your day was? If you're going through anything, I know you'll be able to get through it <3

You are such a sweetheart. Thank you (: My day in itself was alright, but I’m honestly going through internal/emotional stuff. Thank you for your encouragement!

Sep 18 11:45
Anonymous: It really helps! Haha well, that's the other part of the story, she was my friend, and she knew that i love him, she didn't tell me anything, now she just say hi like nothing has happened

Oh…. So THAT must be awkward! And idk, I still say it’s a good thing to respect their space. But that is definitely hella shady of her ._. 

Sep 17 23:02
Anonymous: Hey jane :) are you going to beyond wonderland this week? What do you think of raves like this? I honestly just love the music but I'm not into the drinking, drugs, smoking people and the shoving around environment to try to get closer to the dj...but I love the music :'(

I’m not going :P I know what it’s like to be pushed and shoved and blah blah blah. Not worth my time, honestly. I’m sure people go for the experience and the fun of it all, but I don’t care about it enough to wanna drop hella money all the time to go to events. People should be buying their momma’s something nice instead haha. 

You could totally enjoy your music! Just attend smaller venues or 1 day events, not massives (:

Sep 17 22:44
Anonymous: Hi jane! Well, i have an ex boyfriend and i want to get back with him, he has another girlfriend now but he doesn't loves her as he loved me when we were together, even when he broke up with me, he said that he loved me a lot and he cried, he looks at me when we are near, we don't talk, he gets really nervous and yesterday he started following me at tumblr, he does a lot of stuff like that, he has depression and hides a lots of things from her girlfriend, they don't have romance please help

Befriend him. You never want to be the side chick or the supposed “homewrecker”. A friend could be just as helpful to him right now (: Talk to him, catch up! If feelings continue to develop again, I’m sure things will fall into place. 

But also remember that the other girl may be sensitive to you so be cautious of that. 

Hope this helps!

Sep 17 22:42
Anonymous: hi jane! i love all the relationship advice you give!! i was hoping you could help me with my situation... my boyfriend and i have been together for over a year now and he really wants to have s e x but i'm just not ready. what should i do when he gets upset with me for it, thinking we'll never have s e x like ever? i dont want to break up with him though... this is the only thing we fight about. what should i do? :(

You don’t owe him anything. Being together over a year doesn’t means that you should be having sex already. You aren’t ready so leave it at that. Don’t even think that you “might as well” either.

I can understand why he’s frustrated, but it’s your body and you should use it the way you want to. He needs to respect that. When you ARE ready is when you want to experience it. Not when you’re nervous and uncomfortable and scared. It could easily be a traumatic situation for you. 

Hope this helps! And stand strong. 

Sep 17 12:30


We’ve officially reached that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you die from a heatstroke.

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